Career Guidance & Overseas Consulting Initiatives

I am the recipient of numerous awards and honours, including the prestigious Eduspark Award, Golden Pixel Award and the Humanitarian Excellence Award.

Guided by the principles of Time, Nature, Destiny, Action, and Human Effort, every event and action unfolds. Embrace the power of Good Karma.
~Sanjay Khimesara

About Me

Sanjay Khimesara, the visionary leader, educator, founder and CEO of the Horizon Institute of Design (HID) in Indore,

Education, Training & Placement Initiatives

In his role as the founder of Horizon Institute of Design, a pioneering institution, Sanjay Khimesara has revolutionised AVGC & Digital Media education.

Community Services & Philanthropic Initiatives

Sanjay Khimesara is a passionate advocate for community services and philanthropy.

Writing, Blogging & Speaking Initiatives

Sanjay Khimesara, a dynamic individual, is actively involved in writing, blogging, and public speaking initiatives.